What are you passionate about? (or want to be again)

What are you passionate about? (or want to be again)
January 11, 2016 Sara Jukes

At the start of a new year a great question to ask is, “What are my passions?” It can often lead to more questions before we come to a solid conclusion. The search though, the understanding of ourselves, and how and where we want to spend our lives, can be a key to enjoyment and contentment and I believe taking the time to discover it is worth it.

When we know the thing or things that excite and drive us, motivation is never a problem. We will get up early, spend hours waiting in queues, brave bad weather, tolerate all manner of difficulties and not give up.

Sometimes though we need to stir or renew a passion but how? Here are a few thoughts:
1. Go back to the roots of why you first loved,
2. Spend time thinking and pondering on the passion,
3. Do something practical
4. Spend time with people who are as passionate as you would like to be or like to be again

A life without passion can be limp and senseless. Stir your passion this year, rekindle old passions and let them motivate and drive you to go on to love and good works.


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