We all like to win

We all like to win
November 16, 2015 Paul

Recently my eldest daughter came very close to beating me at chess. She has been learning at school and through several moves took me by surprise. It made me sit up and concentrate as I really don’t like losing. I know she’s only 9 years old, but she needs to beat me properly if she is going to truly get better, lol. By the skin of my teeth I scraped through with a victory. It wont be long before she puts me in my place.

If we are honest we all like to win. However, one of problems with participating in competitive games is that for someone to win there has to be a loser.

Victory for one means defeat for another.

Winning through competing has the ability to boost self-esteem and confidence. It is our skills and how good we are at something specific that determines if we are winners.

Within a team, competitiveness can drive others to achieve more but can also create insecurity if we begin to compare ourselves to others.


So is there a better way?


I believe there is.


When I observe Jesus in the bible, working with his disciples I see a way that includes people in his winning. He is inclusive in his relationships and brings in different people with various personalities and skill sets, to work as a team. Each person brings his or her ability and adds value to the team. They all bring their insecurities too but Jesus understands the power of winning through cooperation that leads to a greater victory.

So instead of competing with one another and seeing each other as the enemy they can actually now be friends as they look to cooperate.

The focus shifts from self to others.

Winning is now determined by the talents of many not just the few.

The joy in victory is multiplied throughout the team and everyone is a winner.

What I love about Jesus is his ability to empower and equip his team, which can be heard in his words when speaking in John Chapter 14;


‘I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the father.’

Jesus to me seems very secure in who he is and wants his team to be confident in who they are.

This week whatever team you are working with, why not try Jesus’ method;

Be secure in who you are, put others before yourself and learn to work together. There is a greater victory ahead!


Like I said earlier we all like to win, so let’s learn to win as a team through cooperation.


Love you all


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