There’s something special about giving

There’s something special about giving
February 9, 2016 Paul

I like to receive if I’m honest, especially at Christmas or when someone asks if you would like to go and watch your favourite football team, and hands you a ticket. It’s great.

But when I search my soul and look around at others, and as I get that little bit older each year, I am discovering that it truly is better to give.

You’ve probably heard it before… it’s better to give than to receive.


So why is it better?

Here are a few of my thoughts;

  • Giving follows Jesus’ command. God knows better and that it will truly enhance our lives and more importantly the lives of others.


  • Giving for me it is not about whether I should or shouldn’t give, but about hearing and demonstrating the heart of God. God, the bible tells us, gave his one and only son, Jesus Christ. God is the giver of every good and perfect gift. The bigger our hearts the bigger our hands!


  • Giving changes us, from the inside out. Our selfish or sinful nature can be weakened and broken as we deny ourselves, it allows God’s grace to flow from our hearts and bring transformation. This does not make God love us any more,


  • Giving looks outside of ourselves and considers others, it expands our world and more importantly it is what I believe is fundamental to God’s kingdom.


If you struggle to give then I would encourage you to think for a moment and consider it as a way of life….


There’s something special about giving.


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