The Power of Habit

The Power of Habit
November 10, 2015 Sara Jukes

According to the dictionary a habit is “an acquired behaviour pattern, regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary”

Often when we talk about habits we think of the negative ones that need breaking, things that have a hold on us and things that are not helpful to us or disgust others. Here are a few more light hearted examples:
Nail biting
Nose Picking
Hair twirling
Pen chewing
Knuckle cracking
The list is endless and can at times be fatal…

I believe habits can also be a good thing. Forming a habit to do regular exercise, healthy eating, new learning or to spend quality time with family or friends, are all things that will do us and others good in moderation and as part of a balanced lifestyle.

For me as a Christian I believe the power of forming a good habit can not only change my life but the lives of those around me here are a few examples, although there are many other areas that are important too.

1. Make Bible reading a habit – I believe that by reading my Bible regularly I get to know God better and who I am in him. Then through applying it to my behaviours and attitudes I can grow in kindness, forgiveness, generosity and thinking of others before myself.

2. Make prayer a habit – Through praying regularly; thanking, listening, asking, interceding, standing and believing; I believe I become closer to God, am more in tune with him and can live how he calls me to. I can know more peace, be more secure and be guided by God instead of myself.

3. Make gathering together a habit – Gathering together and encouraging one another I believe is very important and helpful. Jesus called us “His body” – that suggests to me that we need to be attached together so we can each play our part. From this place we can energise, resource and help to one another.

Hope it helps as you form a good habit today.


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