December 8, 2015 Sara Jukes

I used to love playing swaps at school, with cards, with little toys anything that was the craze. It was great to pass on something I had too much of (which made others happy as they wanted it, and me happy because I didn’t) and to receive something I desperately wanted to make a set. Win, win!

I still do it today as an adult but more with ideas; swapping ideas with other parents about my kids, with other ladies about hair and beauty tips and swapping ideas with friends for days out. I’m sure you do it with your interests too, whether cars, technology, reading, films etc

I believe in a God who operates a swaps system. He sent His son Jesus to die on the cross so we could ‘exchange’ the entire tough, bad and difficult stuff in our lives for all the great things He has for us.

We can do some great swaps:
For deceit he gives truth,
For hate He gives love,
For disbelief He gives faith,
For those in the depths of depression and sadness He gives joy,
For despair He gives hope.

The only trick with these swaps is the same as with any other. You have to give Him your pain, your heartache, your anger, your frustration and leave it with Him and as you do you receive that something back, that sometimes we don’t even sometimes know we desperately want and it feels just as good as it did playing swaps on the playground…

Go on have a game today!


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