Some things never change

Some things never change
November 8, 2016 Paul

It seems to me that the world is accelerating quicker each year….

Technology is rapidly advancing,

We are more global than ever,

Yet somethings never change.

Last week I was watching my daughter as she climbed an indoor climbing wall. As she reached the summit she turned around and smiled, her confidence seemed to grow and she swiftly lowered herself back down. I know as a father she will have bigger challenges in life, she will conquer greater obstacles both emotionally, physically and socially. These things I cannot predict or control, I can only be there and support her when she asks for help.

So why do I share this when talking about change?

Each one of us face various changes and must learn to transition through each event or circumstance as the world around us is constantly changing and as we grow older.

Yet as I gazed at her, with her big smile, I realised she will always be my daughter.

I know this sounds obvious but I think there is a lesson to be learned for each one us so that we can learn to maintain some consistency through change.

As a daughter, she was born of my wife and myself, that will never change. Even when she feels disappointed, discouraged, elated, high as a kite, low or even worthless, she is still our daughter because she is of my seed.

As a believer, I put my trust in God.

I chose, like many other people to receive a message about Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is also described as God’s word. Jesus was born not of man but of God, He was God’s seed put into a person. Therefore, he was born of God not of man.

When people choose to accept Jesus (God’s word or seed), they too accept the same seed.

A good seed from a good father; containing love, acceptance and forgiveness.

Since receiving the seed of God, through putting my faith in Jesus and what he did for me, something has happened in my heart, that I struggle to put into words and I have discovered that God loves me no matter what my circumstances.


Well just like my daughter will always be my daughter, having been born of God, I will always be his son. It doesn’t change when circumstances change or my feelings spin out of control.

The truth is that God is good, constant and unconditional with his love.

My thoughts may wander but I have learned that when they come back to the truth, peace, love, and acceptance flood my heart through the power of the seed.

So, what does this mean for each of us in an ever-changing world?

We can discover a Love that never changes.

An identity that we are all searching for.

A son or daughter that is loved.

This week choose the seed of God.

Hold onto it,

and learn to rise above the challenges you face.

And remember…

Some things never change.


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