Make a difference by Being the difference.

Make a difference by Being the difference.
November 3, 2015 Paul

Make a difference by Being the difference.

Often wonder if you are making a difference?

There are so many opportunities today where we can help others and make a difference. Whether at work, school, church or home we all have opportunities to help others.

Here are a few things I believe can help us make a difference:

Be Empowering

So often we can make the thing we are trying to achieve be all about us, but I believe we can also get in the way of seeing something greater than ourselves happen. When we consider how we can help others through empowering we can be a part of something bigger than us. When we empower by giving all that we are, being productive, and serving a vision that is greater than what we see alone, we can be a part of something great. Empowering starts with you!

Be what you want to see

There is so much information and research out there about building culture, which can be accessed and put into place wherever you are. If we are going to make a difference where we are then setting the culture is key. Being intentional in your daily life by modelling what you want others to follow is fundamental. We can all copy behaviour and be intentional but for me the hidden ingredient with being intentional is making sure we are authentic. Keeping it real and modelling how you want others to see is how we become the difference.

Be a part of the solution

When things don’t go the way I want them I can so easily find myself blaming the circumstances or other people. Also if we are not careful we can get led down the track of gossip with others that feel similar. These paths in my opinion don’t change the situation, they just make it worse. The solution for this is to face up to the reality of the circumstances or situation and come up with a different solution or include others and be part of the solution.


Finally, we have to consider that sometimes we cannot change a situation, in these circumstances finding contentment and doing what is right is the key, and who knows you may even find that the difference is in your response.

The above thoughts are just some of the ways I believe we can Be the difference.

And it all starts with you

Believing for greater


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