Let Go…

Let Go…
October 12, 2015 Sara Jukes

The phrase “Let it go” is hot property at the moment. We often use it as a way to tell someone to get over something or move on but let go or move on to what? I think if we can find that answer we can truly be free ourselves and help others “Let go” too. Below are a few of my thoughts on how we can all let go in order to do / be something else:

We let go to be free – There can be things in life that entangle us or tie us up in knots that we need to be free from. They can come in many forms: debt, wrong thinking, the past, fears etc – I believe in a God who can set us free which sometimes comes in a form of cutting loose and sometimes comes in the form of untying knots.

Practically: Ask God to show you the things that entangle you, that your eyes may be opened.

We let go to unwind – Life, people, work, travel, health… can at times wind us all up. We need to find a way and a place to unwind. If we let go of frustration, of anger, of hurt, of disappointment and unwind back to the centre of ourselves we can build healthily again and be at peace even in difficult times. God says He has a peace that surpasses all understanding to guard our hearts and our minds. Once we unwind back to that place of peace, let’s guard against becoming wound up all over again and daily unwind and let go of the things that come.

Practically: Take a moment to find that peace and let go of the things of the day.

We let go to soar – Sometimes we simply need to let go and trust that we can fly, believe that we can do it, that we are able and capable, that we are enough. Just as the bird when it learns to fly has to trust its wings we must learn to trust the promises of God when He says we are first and not last, that we are loved, that we can do all things through Him. Let go and soar – fly high, dream big, aim for the stars!

Practically: Find the promise in God’s word for you; cling to it and trust it.

Today wherever you are at, ask God to help you to let go to move into a new future and a new hope.


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