Keep moving

Keep moving
January 19, 2016 Paul

Over the weekend many areas of the UK have seen a sprinkle of snow, which has caused motorists to slow down and result in traffic congestion. This can be frustrating for some of us, especially if we have places to go.


Is it good to slow down? Absolutely, driving at a sensible pace is paramount if you want to get somewhere, and get there safely.


One of the challenges of driving in snow is when we face an incline, wheels start spinning and we often come to a stand still. The key to getting up a hill is to keep moving, once you lose your momentum it can be a challenge to start again.


In the bible we can read about Abraham who was on a journey to discover God’s promise. He wasn’t sure where he was going but believed God. It says in Chapter 12 verse 9;


‘Abraham kept moving forward, steadily making his way south, to the Negev’


I’m sure Abraham had opportunity to stop and even go back. But it says he kept moving forward!


He even made mistakes and detoured on his journey.


But Abraham kept moving forward.


So what kept him moving forward? Was it the Vision of seeing a blessed land? The promise?


Or trusting in a God whom he could not see?


Most of us keep going because we believe in something we don’t yet see;


A career, so we get an education


A relationship and eventually a friendship, so we spend time with people


A marriage or family so we invest and spend time with our loved ones.


People to know that they are loved so we love the ‘unloved’


We believe in something we don’t yet see


This year continue to move forward, trusting not only in something you don’t yet see but also more importantly in someone.


Be thankful for what you have, but believe for something more


Keep moving forward


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