Keep going until the end

Keep going until the end
October 26, 2015 Sara Jukes

In today’s society there is so much variety and choice. We have more options than we sometimes know what to do with. Choices and variety of drink, options for what we want as filling on sandwiches, types of jeans..! If we don’t like something or become fed up with things we can so easily buy a hair dye and change the colour, pay for a surgeon to change our appearance, change our name by deed pole and start again, leave a relationship and find another, swap the course or job. There is little that is fixed and permanent and so power and choice become everything…

Please hear me right, because there are times when change does need to come, and does need to happen to produce a better future. But, there are some times when we need to dig in and stick at it and instead of changing things, allow the things to change us and make us better people. The trick is having the wisdom to know which is right for you and your circumstance.

We are a generation who cooks as many meals in one evening for the number of people in the house, simply so they can have what they like or want. Opinion says we should be happy and get what we want, but I like the philosophy of learning to find contentment in all things, good or bad. At times that means sheer will power to overcome and to see a deep level of change.

For those of you that this applies to today and those of you that it may well do in the future let me encourage you to dig in and be unmoveable by emotion and opinion. Can I encourage you to keep going, it’s not the end until something is over and complete. Finish the road you set course on, complete the race, finish the job, be fixed and permanent in you determination to fulfil and complete. Don’t let discouragement, weariness or complacency cause you to stop before the end. In the words of Winston Churchill “Never, never, never give up”.


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