January 4, 2016 Paul

As we start the New Year everyone is asked to think about the year ahead. Maybe your last year seemed to just take over and before you knew it you were into 2016.


What do you want to do this year?

You get to choose.

You get to choose each day.

You get to choose what you do this year.


Therefore you get to deal your own cards… You can proclaim ‘I deal’ on a daily basis.

You deal;

Your thoughts

Your attitude

Your actions

Your words


I’m not sure what you have planned but be encouraged and strengthened in your ability to make it happen. Choose a balance of helping others and benefiting yourself.

Go for it!


Maybe you have an ideal year in your head, or even an ideal week or you may get up tomorrow and have an ideal day. But if we are honest as much as we plan and put things into action there is always a day or a moment or even a year that doesn’t match up to our ideal.


Therefore we must remind ourselves, the cards we are dealt… are not always determined by our choices. However we can choose how we react to the cards we are dealt.


This year I believe you can grow  and prosper even if you face things that are not your I-deal by trusting, holding onto your confidence and reacting in a right way to your circumstances.


It is not always the preferred route but I believe so much good can come out even if it is not our I-deal.


Be a person this year that chooses the ideal.





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