I believe…

I believe…
December 15, 2015 Sara Jukes

As its Christmas time I thought it was only fair to link my blog in with a Christmas theme! People have many views and opinions about Christmas but for me personally, I love it. The fun, the family, the giving, the receiving and especially the meaning. But, if it’s not for you, please bear with me.

I think there is something very poignant that we can learn from what many of us teach our children over the Christmas period. We tell them that Santa is looking for good little girls and boys, we tell them he brings presents if we believe, we tell them so many things but the essence behind what we tell them is this: live a good life, believe in something bigger and better than yourself, and receive and be grateful.

On a different note, how many children though today suffer with low self esteem, anger issues and anxiety? There is a rise in the number of childhood suicide, self harm and emotional breakdowns often because they don’t think that they are good enough. And I know that there are many social and emotional contributions to this and many views and opinions on why but, the point I am trying to make it this. Santa came every year and brought them presents because they were good and yet their lives haven’t necessarily carried that joy and peace from the Christmas season all through their year. Why? I believe this quote below holds an answer…

“There’s a monumental difference in believing in God and believing God.” Rodney Anderson

Kids believe in Santa but don’t necessarily believe what he says about them, that they are good ‘little boys and girls’. In the same way we can say we are Christians, say we believe in God, maybe even go to church but, if we don’t believe him when he says things like, we are loved, we are chosen, we are called, and we have a future, then how does that change and transform our lives as Jesus promised. We can end up living our lives no different than anyone around us, good days and bad days. I’m not saying believing God gets rid of all the bad days, I’m saying believing God gives us something more to help us get through, to keep going, to be strong, to keep loving, to keep believing….

So this Christmas time lets learn from what we try to teach the kids, lets not just believe in (though it is a great step) lets also believe all that is said about us by the one who came in a manger and died on a cross and rose again to transform our lives.


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