Get Ready for Christmas

Get Ready for Christmas
December 1, 2015 Paul

This month as a church we start our Christmas series.


Many of us will be preparing and running around in the build up for Christmas, whilst at the same time some people around the world will be going through very different and challenging times.


This year we have gone with a more traditional advent approach focusing on Hope, Preparation, Joy, Peace and finally Jesus. Advent for me is about building up and creating expectancy for Christmas. How does that work from a biblical point of view? Well we should not only give thanks but be expectant for the things of God, not only for each day but his coming return.


In a world that seems to be changing quicker than ever, I personally feel that these words are more needed than ever.


Before the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ he speaks to people around the Temple in Jerusalem about people who think they may be able to predict the future and warns against them.

He then goes on to give what seems a bleak future for the people who believe in him and warns of disasters, wars, earthquakes, famines, and epidemics of disaster, accusations and imprisonment. This sounds like the start of ‘In the bleak mid winter’.

You may say that this isn’t very positive of Jesus.


But what I like about this is the reality of what he is proclaiming. He seems to help them keep two feet on the ground. He then goes on to reassure them that even though they face challenges, he promises never to leave them and that one day he will return, and that help is on its way.


For some of us death may seem like the worst thing that we each face. But I believe that there is something worse. Not being wanted by people may seem terrible, but again I believe there is something deeper. Poverty and illness may seem like the saddest situation in this world, but again is there something darker still.


The worst thing I believe is to have no meaning;


No love


No purpose


No hope.


Without God


But the good news is that this deeper-rooted issue has actually been sorted.


By simply putting our faith in God and what he did for us through Jesus Christ, puts us in a right relationship with him. We an discover that life has a meaning.


The one who defeated death is now giving us the same power to overcome not only this world but promises us a future.


Therefore we do not have to be afraid, as he promises that not even a hair on our heads (I have less) will be harmed.


May Christmas have a deeper meaning not only for you but for your friends and family.

Be expectant this Christmas

Much love, peace, joy and hope be yours




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