January 30, 2017 Paul

Endeavour- Earnest effort to achieve a goal

Do you often think about where you are heading? Or are you just managing to get through your day?

What goals have you set this year and how are you doing?

Have you set a course for the year?

Captain Cook in the Eighteenth Century chose to go on a voyage of discovery. As a team, on the ship ‘Endeavour’, they searched for new lands. The journey would have certainly had its challenges but the rewards when reaching new lands would have outweighed the daily battles.

What do you want to discover this year? Can I encourage you to envision something new for your life or for someone else.

A healthier marriage? or to enhance what you already have?

To become better at parenting?

Is it a new relationship?

Or just better at relating?

A job?

A new career?

Financial stability?

(Take a moment to think and write it down)

Can you see where you want to be?

If you can, then start with a plan. Decide what steps you need to make in order to get there. For example if you want to become healthier, then decide exactly what that looks like. Lose 5 pounds? Be able to climb the stairs without being out of breath? Then how are you going to do it? Be specific with a daily plan. If you’re not sure then it’s good to get help. Fill your life with people who can help you to focus on your goal.

The journey you go on will take effort on a daily basis, but if you are prepared to ENDEAVOUR daily, you will grow and eventually arrive and discover something new along the way.

Remember, we all have bad days, the key is to encourage yourself on how far you have moved forward, if you struggle to do that then get around new people who will spur you on and support you on your journey.

Most of all, believe in yourself.

Endeavour to become GREATER!!!

YOU can do it!!


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