Are you struggling? Switch Your focus!

Are you struggling? Switch Your focus!
November 23, 2015 Sara Jukes

Have you ever thought…

“It’s all too much”
“I want to run away”
“Everyone, leave me alone”…

The list could go on. Life at times can be tough, it can feel overwhelming and happiness can seem such a long way away; I’ve personally found the best remedy for this struggle is to shift my focus. Part of the Bible suggests some different things to focus on, to help relieve the struggle and see the ‘good days’.

Psalm 34:11-14 (NIV)
“Whoever of you loves life and desires to see many good days, keep your tongue from evil and your lips from telling lies. Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.”

In this Psalm there are 4 things we can do to help ourselves in times of struggle:

1. Speak Good – I’m not saying don’t be real about your life and circumstances, but find the good things that are going on and focus on them, even half as much as the tough stuff, and it changes your perspective and happiness level. Try it; you may be surprised at the difference it makes.

2. Speak Truth – It’s sometimes very easy to listen to negative thoughts about ourselves and things going on. We can often be our own worst enemies and critics but remember the truth of who you are and what you can do. The Bible says God loves you, believes in you and has a plan and a future for you. Speak it, believe it.

3. Do Good – I have found helping others is a great way of loosing the focus and intensity of my own worries and troubles. It can cause us to realise our lives aren’t so bad, that there is more to life than just ourselves. Helping someone else is so rewarding it can well and truly lift our hearts and spirits.

4. Bring Peace – Difficulties often come through or because of friction with others. I’ve learnt and am still learning that even when we don’t agree with, or are hurt by people we can still bring peace into those relationships, as we work through whatever is going on. Be a ‘peace bringer’ and although it may not change the circumstance it will change the atmosphere of where the circumstance lives.

Hope it helps you refocus a struggle and see many good days.


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