A letter of encouragement

A letter of encouragement
October 19, 2015 Paul

We all need encouragement.

Last week I watched my daughter Grace open a letter from her sponsored child in Uganda. Her face shone before she had even read the words. It was lovely to see how happy she was, that someone thousands of miles away was actually writing to her and asking her questions about her life.

Grace was encouraged and so was I as I listened to her.

Here are a few thoughts I believe help us to encourage ourselves and one another;

This for me is something we can do continually…be thankful for what we have, more!

It is so easy to forget how wealthy we are in the western world (especially with the pressure to need more), not just in money but in resources such as education and welfare. We shouldn’t feel bad for being so blessed however we shouldn’t simply take it for granted. The challenge of being so blessed is what we will do with it. Take a moment right now to give thanks for what you have and allow it to enrich your heart.


Secondly, learn to put others before ourselves. As Grace read the letter it once again dawned on me how good it is to be able to help others. As she started to write back to her, I tried to direct her to say so many things in return, but Grace had her own opinions and I was quickly overridden. As I took a moment I realised that it didn’t matter so much as to what she was saying but the fact that she was taking the time to respond. She was considering someone other than herself.


Finally be generous with encouragement. We all have the ability to encourage someone in some way.

The greatest message that was written and passed on through centuries continues to be the most powerful encourager on the planet, I believe. A message of Faith, Hope and Love demonstrated through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

When visiting Coventry Cathedral last year I read about many people who were willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of this message being passed on to people. People translated the scriptures to the everyday person so that it could communicate the heart and love of God to us all. They believed that much in the message that they were willing to sacrifice their lives and were eventually burnt at the stake. Their courage was an inspiration to me, and it highlighted the significance of the letter (message) they were writing, that it was more important than themselves.

We all have the ability to be generous with encouragement in our own way, but we can ourselves get in the way. It takes, I believe, a heart of generosity and sacrifice to communicate the message that is written in the scriptures not just in words but deeds as well.

This week choose to cultivate one of the above thoughts into your life.

You could start with a message or letter of encouragement for someone.

Love to you all


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